Introducing Broker

ZOZOFX Introducing Broker

  • Online trading represents the fastest growing market in the world today with volumes for forex trading alone well in excess of $4 Trillion a day. With the rate of internet penetration growing at exponential rates, this market is only going to get bigger and the ZOZOFX Partner Programmes represent the easiest and most straightforward way to profit from the amazing growth the industry is experiencing.
  • Our Forex Partner programmes offer a quick and easy way to join the world’s biggest financial markets. Our range of available programmes are sure to be a match to your own particular needs and requirements and offer an excellent opportunity to profit from the world of online financial services.

Advantages of ZOZOFX Introducing Broker

  • Industry leading rebates for every trade your referrals make on our platforms.
  • Monthly commissions for all client referrals.
  • Introduce the IB programme to sub-affiliates and earn a referral commission from their client trades.
  • Offer your clients an outstanding trading environment with forex, precious metals and CFDs.
  • Flexible leverage available all the way upto 1:500.
  • Cutting-edge tracking and reporting back-office.
  • Full library of promotional materials and creatives.

How to Get Unlimited profits

  • Open AlphaBeta FX partner account and get your unique referral link
  • Publish it on your website, Facebook page or in your blog.
  • Your friends and visitors of your website/blog follow your link and become Our clients.
  • We forwards part of its income to you.

Terms and Conditions

  • IB Rebate calculated on orders which is more than 30 sec of trade time period.
  • Hedging orders will awarded with half commission of specified trade account.
  • IB Rebate can be interanally transfered to any trading account under the IB.
  • IB rebate can be withdrawn only every 15 days after the previous withdraw.
  • IB rebate can be withdrawn to verified bank account only (Bank account verification can take upto 12 to 24 Hr of business working days from the upload datetime).

IB Rebate Calculation

IB Rebate Commission table *












  • Trade Commission on Alpha-Micro account = $10 / lot
  • 1 Trade Volume in forex = 1 Lot = $1.00
  • 1 Trade Volume in other commodity = 1 Lot = $0.10
  • 5 lots in forex = 5 * 10 = 50 $ IB Rebate
  • 5 lots in other commodity = (5 * 0.1) * 10 = 5$ IB Rebate

Disclaimer: As an ABFX Partner you are not permitted to offer investment advice to clients. Please contact our support for more information.